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Data Management in the Age of Cloud

Data Management in the Age of Cloud

In the age of cloud modernization that unlocks better data-computing practices, agencies are faced with different challenges around managing that data. These challenges can include tactics to connect cloud, on-prem and other systems in a hybrid environment, or overseeing change management efforts to recruit and train the workforce properly. With the current widespread move to zero-trust architecture, getting a handle on these challenges are necessary for agencies to maintain efficient data flow and operations. Agencies with different infrastructure approaches and missions have varying degrees for how they are treating their cloud environments and how they are encouraging industry support in these areas.

Inside, read insights from:

  • State Department Director of Cloud Programs Brian Merrick on the three key aspects of a transition to the cloud
  • NIH Associate Director for Data Science Susan Gregurick on harmonizing data across NIH’s institutes for use at scale
  • Denodo SVP and Chief Evangelist Paul Moxon on data virtualization
  • Army Deputy Director of People Analytics Kristin Saling on data literacy

…and more!

Data Management in the Age of Cloud
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  • Dave Catanoso
    Dave Catanoso Acting Director, Cloud and Edge Solutions, Infrastructure Operations, DevSecOps, VA
  • Gregurick
    Susan Gregurick Associate Director for Data Science and Director of the Office of Data Science Strategy, NIH
  • Paul Moxon
    Paul Moxon SVP, Data Architecture and Chief Evangelist, Denodo
  • Col. Kristin Saling
    Lt. Col. Kristin Saling Deputy Director, People Analytics, U.S. Army
  • Brian Merrick
    Brian Merrick Director, Cloud Programs, Department of State
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