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DevSecOps Enabling Hybrid Cloud

Max DSO Hybrid Cloud

Federal IT leaders from the armed services and civilian agencies list priorities and top considerations for hybrid cloud adoption. To get the most out of hybrid cloud, federal agencies need to go beyond DevSecOps with configuration management, infrastructure-as-code andsoftware bills of materials (SBOMs).

Inside, catch up on insights from:

  • Alex McFarland, Vulcan Program Technical Lead, DISA
  • Phil Stupak, Director of Federal Cybersecurity, Office of the National Cyber Director
  • Nicole Thompson, Expert, Defense Digital Service
  • and more…
Max DSO Hybrid Cloud
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  • Kynan Carver
    Kynan Carver DOD Cybersecurity Lead, Maximus
  • Dave Lago
    Dave Lago Product Manager, Hosting and Compute Center, DISA
  • Alex McFarland
    Alex McFarland Vulcan Program Technical Lead, DISA
  • Col. Joe Pishock
    Col. Joe Pishock Chief Operating Officer, SOCOM Network Modernization, DOD
  • Paul Puckett
    Paul Puckett Former Director, Enterprise Cloud Management Agency, U.S. Army
  • Phil Stupak
    Phil Stupak Director of Federal Cybersecurity, Office of the National Cyber Director
  • Mark Taylor
    Mark Taylor CTO, SOCOM, DOD
  • Nicole Thompson
    Nicole Thompson Expert, Defense Digital Service
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