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Data Sharing and Collaboration Drive Mission Success


In this Deep Dive, read how VA and HHS are working together in the effort to create a shared data language to improve patient care. With so many different systems collecting and analyzing information, the ability for agencies to share and collaborate becomes increasingly important.

Find out how:

  • Leaders are boosting data sharing among private and public sectors.
  • ONC is creating ways to share health information more easily.
  • Future interagency collaboration will be assessed.
  • The White House is strategizing to balance data privacy and collaboration.
Table of Contents

Inside Efforts at VA, DOD for Enhanced Data Sharing in Health Care

Work across agencies are improving new tech and eyeing joint health information exchanges that make data more interoperable and transparent.


White House Aims to Balance Data Accessibility and Sharing

The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy’s “National Strategy to Advance Privacy-Preserving Data Sharing and Analytics” lays out the administration’s guidance on balancing data security and accessibility.


Sharing and Collaboration Are the Future of Interagency Cooperation

Agencies can balance security and accessibility while sharing information across offices.
Winston Chang, CTO, Public Global Sector, Snowflake


ONC is Creating New Frameworks, Standards to Improve Data Sharing

New frameworks and data standards are creating an interoperability baseline across the health care landscape.

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  • Xavier Becerra
    Xavier Becerra Secretary, Department of Health and Human Services
  • Rachel Wiebe
    Rachel Wiebe Management and Program Analyst, JLV Office of Health Informatics/Health Solutions Management, VA
  • Winston Chang
    Winston Chang CTO, Global Public Sector, Snowflake
  • Micky Tripathi
    Micky Tripathi National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, HHS
  • Cindy Pan
    Cindy Pan Program Manager, Veterans Health Information Exchange Program Office, VA
  • Jodie Trafton
    Jodie Trafton Director, Program Evaluation and Resource Center, Office of Mental Health and Suicide Prevention, VA
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