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The Building Blocks of Federal AI


Artificial intelligence presents potential breakthroughs for government agencies not seen since the internet was first introduced. Inside, explore the critical efforts underway to enable ethical and responsible AI development in the federal government. You’ll learn:

  • The key elements comprising operational and responsible AI.
  • Factors to consider in responsible AI development.
  • Where user-centered design fits into the process.
  • and more…

Table of Contents

  • Insights: The Key Principles Behind Responsible AI Development
    Responsible AI development relies on human-centered design and understanding the parameters behind new technologies in the field.
  • Infographic: Elements for Responsible and Operational AI
    9 considerations federal agencies can leverage in their AI plans.
  • Partner Interview: Prioritizing Emerging Technology for Government Missions and Outcomes
    AI can help agencies advance their goals, but balancing risk and reward will be imperative to success. Featuring Kathleen Featheringham, Vice President, Federal AI & Machine Learning, Maximus
  • Insights: User-Centered Design is Key to Putting AI into Practice
    With generative AI growing, organizations are targeting user-centered design to deliver effective solutions at scale.
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  • Kathleen Featheringham
    Kathleen Featheringham Vice President, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Maximus
  • Joseph Jeter
    Joseph Jeter Senior Vice President of Federal Technology, Maximus
  • Clare Martorana
    Clare Martorana Federal CIO
  • Alondra Nelson
    Alondra Nelson Former Deputy Director, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy
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