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What Happens After a Security Breach?

What Happens After a Security Breach?

As agencies stand up zero trust strategies, federal and industry partners are working together on best practices for responding to cyber attacks and ensuring critical data and systems remain secured.

Inside, read insights featuring:

  • Defense Department CISO David McKeown on Congress’ new cyber incident reporting mandate
  • CISA’s draft model for what to do after a cyber incident
  • Exterro Forensic Subject Matter Expert Justin Tolman on recovering from cyber attacks
  • OMB Acting Director Shalanda Young on the breakdown of the maturity model for federal agencies to track information logs from their IT systems
What Happens After a Security Breach?
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  • Shane Barney
    Shane Barney CISO, USCIS
  • Chris Butera
    Chris Butera Technical Director for Cyber, CISA
  • Kimberly Denbow
    Kimberly Denbow Managing Director for Security, American Gas Association
  • Michael Duffy
    Michael Duffy Associate Director, Cybersecurity Division, CISA
  • Matt Hartman
    Matt Hartman Deputy Executive Assistant Director of Cybersecurity, CISA
  • Heather Hogsett
    Heather Hogsett Senior Vice President, Bank Policy Institute
  • Kate Macri
    Kate Macri Senior Researcher, GovCIO Media & Research
  • David McKeown
    David McKeown CISO, Department of Defense
  • Justin Tolman
    Justin Tolman Forensic Subject Matter Expert, Exterro
  • Brandon Wales
    Brandon Wales Executive Director, CISA
  • Exterro logo
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