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CyberCast Season 3 Episode 24 8m listen

AI’s Role in National Security

Federal leaders discuss the challenges and opportunities around the technology for nationwide security issues.

Government agency leaders discussed how their organizations are approaching increasing modernization around artificial intelligence and data management, and key considerations for how these systems ensure strong national security. Issues include cyber warfare, workforce upskilling, high-performance computing and current research and features leaders from the Defense Department, NASA, Department of Homeland Security and more.

Highlighted remarks featuring:

  • Thomas Kenney, Chief Data Officer, SOCOM
  • Dr. Mark Segal, Deputy Director of the National Security Agency’s Research Directorate
  • Greg McCullough, Director of Cyber Artificial Intelligence, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Tsengdar Lee, Program Manager of the High-End Computing Program, NASA
  • Martin Stanley, Branch Chief of Strategic Technology, CISA
  • Krista Kinnard, Chief of Emerging Technologies, Department of Labor
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