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Defense Department Explores AI Innovation

Defense AI Innovation

Defense Department leaders have consistently touted AI’s benefits in helping the department realize its vision for maintaining a competitive edge against adversaries.

AI leaders from DOD, the Navy and industry discuss:

  • Using AI to automate rote shipboard tasks
  • Primary tenets that make up responsible AI at the department
  • How the Chief Digital and AI Office is weighing acquisition changes for the technology
  • AI’s role amid pushing computing further at the edge

Table of Contents

  • Navy Wants Robots to Perform Routine Shipboard Tasks (Article)
    The Naval Research Laboratory has been building robots to perform ship maintenance and repair fragile and expensive satellites to help sailors prioritize mission needs.
  • DOD Responsible AI Tenets (Infographic)
    It will require building a reliable governance structure and cultivating an educated and trained workforce to adopt AI responsibly at DOD-wide levels.
  • AI Advancements Hinge on Data and Responsibility – Partner Interview
    Automation can have incredible impacts as long as the algorithms are built with key ethical practices in mind. Featuring Caden Bradbury, AI/Analytics Solution Specialist, NetApp and Kurt Steege, Chief Technology Officer, ThunderCat Technology
  • DOD CDAO Rethinks Adopting Department-Wide AI Acquisition Guidance – Article
    The office is considering whether to provide more guidance on AI acquisition.
Defense AI Innovation
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  • David Aha
    David Aha Director, Navy Center for Applied Research
  • Caden Bradbury
    Caden Bradbury AI/Analytics Solution Specialist, NetApp
  • Glen Henshaw
    Glen Henshaw Head of Robotics and Machine Learning, Naval Research Laboratory
  • Steven Meier
    Steven Meier Director, Naval Center for Space Technology
  • Margaret Palmieri
    Margaret Palmieri Deputy Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Officer, DOD
  • Kurt Steege
    Kurt Steege Chief Technology Officer, ThunderCat Technology
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