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Implementing CJADC2 at the Defense Department

Implementing CJADC2

Implementing the Defense Department’s Combined Joint All-Domain Command and Control (CJADC2) concept will require major development and modernization across enterprise systems, data management and security in each of the military services. The services are all working to implement CJADC2 in different ways and across different systems.

Find out more about:
• The Air Force’s efforts to keep things simple in its C2 modernization.
• How JADC2 became CJADC2.
• How Marine Special Ops are working with industry on CJADC2.
• The CJADC2 lines of effort.

Implementing CJADC2
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  • Brig. Gen. Luke Cropsey
    Brig. Gen. Luke Cropsey Integrating Program Executive Officer for Command, Control, Communications and Battle Management (C3BM), Air Force
  • Gen. John Murray
    Gen. John Murray Commanding General, Army Futures Command
  • Michael Sanchez
    Michael Sanchez Army Solutions Executive, Software AG Government Solutions
  • Phil Silver
    Phil Silver Navy Solutions Executive, Software AG Government Solutions
  • Major General Matthew G. Trollinger
    Major General Matthew G. Trollinger Commander, Marine Forces Special Operations Command
  • Col. Anne-Marie Wiersgalla
    Col. Anne-Marie Wiersgalla Communications Director, SouthCom
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