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Software Factories Driving Modernization at DOD

Software Factories

The White House and Pentagon tech leaders emphasize the importance of IT modernization after lessons learned from the Russia-Ukraine war: future fights will combine kinetic and information warfare, highlighting the criticality of cyber-secure software development for the modern warfighter. Software factories teach soldiers, seamen, airmen and Marines to code and tweak applications in a rapidly shifting, digitized battle space.

Software Factories
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  • Lt Col Charlie Bahk
    Lt. Col. Charlie Bahk Director, Marine Corps Software Factory
  • Jay Bonci
    Jay Bonci CTO, Department of the Air Force
  • Patrick Johnson
    Patrick Johnson Director, Workforce Innovation Directorate in the Office of the CIO, DOD
  • Lauren Knausenberger
    Lauren Knausenberger CIO, Department of the Air Force
  • Col. Richard Lopez
    Col. Richard Lopez Senior Materiel Leader, Kessel Run, U.S. Air Force
  • Tom Rondeau
    Tom Rondeau Principal Director for FutureG & 5G at the Pentagon’s Office of the Undersecretary of Defense for Research and Engineering
  • Christopher Yates
    Christopher Yates DOD Army Chief Architect, Red Hat
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