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CyberCast Season 5 Episode 24 22m listen

A Look at Zero Trust in Defense Indo-Pacific Region

Cybersecurity leaders discuss how they see the concept impacting the mission partner environment and implementation efforts.

This episode we’re diving into zero trust at the Defense Department. Specifically, how that is playing out for the Indo-Pacific region.

We recently had the opportunity to connect with several leaders at the AFCEA TechNet Indo-Pacific conference in Honolulu where they shared with us how they’re thinking about this quickly changing landscape and what it means for cybersecurity. This includes an update on DOD’s review of submitted zero trust implementation plans, and also a peek at some of those plans at the Air Force and Indopacom.

Featured interviews include:

  • Randy Resnick, Director, Zero Trust Portfolio Management Office, DOD.
  • Justin Stolpman, Director, Zero Trust Functional Management Office, Air Force.
  • Paul Nicholson, Deputy CIO and Executive Director of Coalition Communications, Indopacom.

Check out our full coverage of the conference.

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