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AI & Cybersecurity Define the Future of IT

AI & Cybersecurity Define the Future of IT

AI and cybersecurity need to work together to create flexible, secure operating environments. As civilian and defense agencies modernize their networks and IT systems, they’re interfacing with industry to harmonize best cyber practices with emerging technologies for total, secure digital transformation. IT leaders from CISA, CMS, DISA, the Defense Department and U.S. Special Operations Command consider how AI can improve cybersecurity and vice versa to develop the infrastructure of the future.

Inside, read insights from:

  • DOD Deputy Under Secretary Heidi Shyu on her ambitions for a new, all-in-one cyber sensor that can perform multiple security tasks
  • DISA CIO Roger Greenwell on the critical nature of improving user experience with cybersecurity & DISA CTO Steve Wallace on how DOD’s Thunderdome prototype is the first step in this process
  • Fortinet Federal Senior Director Felipe Fernandez on AI’s role in alleviating pressure on the cyber workforce
  • CISA Branch Chief Martin Stanley on how CISA is leveraging AI to decrease response time to cyberattacks
AI & Cybersecurity Define the Future of IT
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  • Roger Greenwell
    Roger Greenwell Chief Information Officer, DISA
  • Thomas Kenney
    Thomas Kenney Chief Data Officer, U.S. Special Operations Command
  • Martin Stanley
    Martin Stanley Branch Chief, Strategic Technology, CISA
  • Stephen Wallace
    Stephen Wallace Chief Technology Officer, DISA
  • Rob Wood
    Rob Wood Chief Information Security Officer, CMS
  • Mike Hoffman
    Michael Hoffman President, GovCIO Media & Research
  • Kate Macri
    Kate Macri Senior Researcher, GovCIO Media & Research
  • Fortinet Federal LOGO
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