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DOD Takes on AI: A Path to JADC2

DOD Takes on AI

The Defense Department is ramping up AI development for its promising capabilities around faster data processing and helping to accomplish its Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2) concept.

We take a look at:

  • How DOD is setting up ethical principles driving AI initiatives
  • How some services are modernizing IT to accommodate the capability
  • What this means for faster and more efficient computing at the edge
Table of Contents

Space Force to Rebuild IT Infrastructure for AI, Digital Twins

Old infrastructure is a major roadblock for the Space Force Technology and Innovation Office responsible for the service’s digital transformation efforts.


DOD’s Principles of Ethical AI

There are many challenges in building ethical and trustworthy AI, but doing so is more critical than ever. The Defense Department developed five AI ethical principles to ensure the agency develops and deploys the powerful technology in a responsible manner.


Automation is Key to Processing Data Faster at the Edge

As defense systems increasingly require faster data processing, tools like AI and machine learning have promising potential.
Michelle Davis, Director, Solution Architects, Federal Division, Red Hat


Pentagon Needs Trustworthy AI to Support Warfighters

Defense leaders are eying better governance and risk management as policy around ethical AI shapes up.

DOD Takes on AI
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  • Dr. Lisa Costa
    Dr. Lisa Costa Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, U.S. Space Force
  • Michelle Davis
    Michelle Davis Director, Solution Architects, Federal Division, Red Hat
  • Vice Adm. Kevin Lunday
    Vice Adm. Kevin Lunday Atlantic Area Commander, U.S. Coast Guard
  • Elham Tabassi
    Elham Tabassi Chief of Staff, Information Technology Laboratory, NIST
  • Matt Turek
    Matt Turek Deputy Director, Information Innovation Office, DARPA
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