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How Cloud, Data and Cybersecurity Intersect

Cloud Data GovFocus

Federal leaders from the Air Force and Rubrik discuss how they are keeping data secure amid cyber threats.

Watch this GovFocus panel to learn about:

  • 00:52 – 16:00  Barriers to Modernizing Data
  • 16:15 – 28:04  Data Integration in AI Systems
  • 28:05 – 31:30  AI Battle Labs
  • 31:34 – 39:55  CJADC2 Solutions
  • 39:57 – 43:35  What to Look Out for
Cloud Data GovFocus
GovFocus How Cloud, Data and Cybersecurity Intersect
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  • Travis Rosiek
    Travis Rosiek Public Sector CTO, Rubrik
  • Stuart Wagner
    Stuart Wagner CDO, Air Force
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