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GovCast Season 7 Episode 2 30m listen

How Government is Hiring Early-Career IT Talent

U.S. Digital Corps co-founder Caitlin Gandhi breaks down some of the shifts in hiring practices for the government tech workforce.

The U.S. Digital Corps started out as an idea to help strengthen the federal tech workforce and was borne in August 2021 out of a collaboration between the White House, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and General Services Administration’s Technology Transformation Services to transform hiring tech talent.

Since then, it has placed more than 80 early-career tech and cybersecurity professionals at dozens of agencies through a two-year fellowship program.

U.S. Digital Corps Founder and Director Caitlin Gandhi speaks about its history and successes, how IT hiring is changing in government and the impact fellows are having at agencies writ large.

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