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CyberCast Season 5 Episode 22 39m listen

National Cyber Strategy Supports a More Resilient Water System

EPA is leaning on new cybersecurity guidance by leveraging tools that will protect information and operational technology at water facilities.

The Environmental Protection Agency is honing in on multiple pillars from the National Cybersecurity Strategy to secure critical infrastructure at its water and waste-water operations.

The agency deems water security to be national security and is an area that needs critical attention. Efforts are underway to increase cyber awareness in the water sector and ensure systems remain resilient.

EPA cybersecurity leaders Douglas Vick and David Travers break down what the threat is to the nation’s water systems and how two programs are helping mitigate risks and ensure water services operate without disruption. Additionally, the officials highlight some of the new tools that are helping the agency boost overall cyber resiliency across its workforce.

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