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CyberCast Season 4 Episode 18 24m listen

This DOD Program Makes Resilient Systems With the Help of White Hat Researchers Around the Globe

Vulnerability Disclosure Program (VDP) supports the National Defense Strategy by engaging the security research community to protect the defense network.

The Vulnerability Disclosure Program (VDP) is the youngest directorate within the Defense Department (DOD) Cyber Crime Center. Established in 2016, it’s the sole focal point for receiving all vulnerability reporting at the agency, and it is uniquely positioned as it engages private-sector white hat researchers to support its mission. In January 2021, it expanded its scope from only public-facing websites to all publicly accessible DOD information systems. VDP Director Melissa Vice briefs how the program engages the security research community to strengthen network defenses, highlights the recent year-long pilot program for the Defense Industrial Base, and talks through her priorities for the coming year.

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