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This NIH Center’s Plan Tackles Emerging Tech, Big Data Challenges

NCATS is preparing to roll out its latest plan to leverage emerging technologies, tackle translational barriers and encourage feedback from constituents.

Emerging technologies are poised to greatly impact federal agencies. In health care and health research, this is unlocking tremendous opportunity for researchers advancing treatments, diagnostics and more. The National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences’ five-year plan outlines how AI and machine learning will address big data and translational barriers.

This plan aims to bridge the gap between scientific and operational challenges by improving engagement in the translational space as well as serve as a guide to other agencies when it comes to preparing for future health emergencies like COVID-19.

NCATS Policy Branch Chief Dr. Meredith Temple O’Connor in the Office of Policy, Communications and Education briefs us on this plan plus the expansion of the N3C program comprising COVID clinical data, how AI is shortening the diagnostic odyssey for rare diseases and what’s going on with its new partnership with ARPA-H.

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