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CyberCast Season 5 Episode 17 22m listen

A Look Inside VA’s ‘Zero Trust First’ Cybersecurity Approach

The agency’s deputy CISO breaks down some of the tools he’s prioritizing amid evolving security threats.

This episode is sponsored by CyberArk.

The Department of Veterans Affairs is amid a cybersecurity modernization plan to put identity management and zero trust at the forefront of the biggest security threats facing technology teams.

Jeff Spaeth, deputy CISO and executive director of information security operations at VA, is a bit of a boomerang. A veteran himself and longstanding cybersecurity professional, he returns to VA under a new cybersecurity modernization strategy. Spaeth discusses what this “Zero Trust First” strategy looks like, the key tools the agency employs to stay ahead of threats and where he sees emerging technologies impacting the space most.

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