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Spain’s Cyber Agency is Incubating Businesses to Protect NATO Cyberspace

INCIBE Secretary General Carla Redondo Galbarriatu said the private sector is key to strengthening cybersecurity.

Cybercrime spans borders and agencies, so governments across the world have to work together to foment cybersecurity. Spain’s INCIBE is the Spanish National Institute of Cybersecurity and its version of what the U.S. knows to be CISA.

Plus, NATO wants to work more closely with private and academic sectors in cybersecurity matters. The alliance recently chose INCIBE to be the only accelerator of cybersecurity startups of the Atlantic Alliance in Spain through the Defense Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic (DIANA) project to boost transatlantic cooperation in critical technologies.

INCIBE Secretary General Carla Redondo Galbarriatu discusses cybersecurity collaboration across borders, women in the technology sector and Spain’s emergence as a cybersecurity global leader.

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