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Connectivity Drives Future of Defense

Verizon Future Joint Force Deep Dive

Multi-domain and joint operations requires innovation in technology.

The Defense Department is strategizing new operating concepts ahead of future joint force operations. Inside, learn about some of the initiatives behind this movement such as Army 2040 and where the department is seeing promise for artificial intelligence.

Verizon Future Joint Force Deep Dive
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  • Douglas R. Bush
    Douglas Bush Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology
  • Chris Everich
    Chris Everich Distinguished Architect, Verizon
  • General James Rainey
    Gen. James Rainey Commanding General, Army Futures Command
  • David Rouse
    David Rouse Senior Director, Defense and National Security, Verizon
  • Heidi Shyu SQ
    Heidi Shyu Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering, DOD
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