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CyberScape: Data and Automation Security

Event Date:
Virtual event

AI can transform the way government captures and uses data. But federal agencies are still sitting on hoards of data that can provide immense value for helping to detect and thwart critical cybersecurity threats. This event will consider new strategies for capitalizing on data in the constant and everpresent need to keep systems secure quickly.

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Speakers / Panelists

  • Mike Hoffman
    Michael Hoffman President GovCIO Media & Research

Federal agencies are using new technologies to improve productivity and efficiency while detecting new security threats and improving existing security responses. The keynote will discuss the best strategies for leveraging security data to strengthen federal cyber postures.

Speakers / Panelists

  • Tony Plater Acting CISO Department of the Navy
  • Kate Macri
    Kate Macri Moderator: Deputy Editor GovCIO Media & Research

Automation tools can help cyber defenders improve incident response times. Learning from leaders how agencies are using automation and machine learning tools to process security data more quickly to improve risk analysis, learn from past incidents and prepare for future ones.

Speakers / Panelists

  • Rob Thorne
    Rob Thorne CISO ICE
  • Nikki Henderson
    Nikki Henderson Moderator: Staff Writer/Researcher GovCIO Media & Research

Speakers / Panelists

  • Mike Hoffman
    Michael Hoffman President GovCIO Media & Research
  • Tony Plater Acting CISO, Department of the Navy
  • Rob Thorne
    Rob Thorne CISO, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement
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