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DevSecOps and Cybersecurity

DevSecOps and Cybersecurity

DevSecOps and security leaders from agencies like the Navy, Army and Department of Homeland Security provide insights on how they’re baking in security at all stages of a software development cycle and working with their teams to adapt new cybersecurity tools and strategies for an evolving digital landscape

Inside, read insights from:

  • DISA Director Lt. Gen. Robert Skinner on systemic culture change as the best defense to cyber threats
  • Navy Cybersecurity Division Director Rear Adm. Susan BryerJoyner on the importance of data and how it’s used to build better strategies
  • Invicti Chief Product Officer Sonali Shah on leveraging automation to improve speed and accuracy in cybersecurity
  • USCIS CISO Shane Barney on how the agency has modernized its approach to combat known and unknown risks
DevSecOps and Cybersecurity
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  • Ian Anderson
    Ian Anderson Lead DevSecOps Engineer, Secure Cloud Architecture & Automation, U.S. Navy
  • Shane Barney
    Shane Barney CISO, USCIS
  • Rear Adm. Susan BryerJoyner
    Rear Adm. Susan BryerJoyner Cybersecurity Division Director, U.S. Navy
  • Matthew Easley
    Matthew Easley Former CISO & Director of Cybersecurity, U.S. Army
  • Hannah Hunt
    Hannah Hunt Chief Product and Innovation Officer, Army Software Factory
  • Tony Plater Acting CISO, U.S. Navy
  • Sonali Shah
    Sonali Shah Chief Product Officer, Invicti
  • Lt. Gen. Robert Skinner
    Lt. Gen. Robert Skinner Director, DISA
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