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Digital Health Modernization Recap

Digital Health Modernization Virtual Event

Hear from Congress and federal agency officials about the policy response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the technological implementations and digital services that have helped support the country this year, and additional input on future health innovations.

Digital Health Modernization Virtual Event
Session Recording

Digital Health Modernization panels

Rep. Michael Burgess (R-TX) joins us for a fireside chat. Also, hear from Ivor D’Souza (NIH), Kevin Duvall (HHS), and Dr. Andrew Gettinger (HHS) on democratizing public health data, moderated by GovernmentCIO’s own Jason Chong. In addition, Paolo del Vecchio (SAMHSA), Dr. Simon Pincus (DHA), and Jose Ramos (Wounded Warrior Project) tackled the issue of transforming mental health care services, with GovernmentCIO’s Orjiugo Hourihan assisting as moderator. The event was rounded out with Col. Bobby Saxon (CMS) and Jessica Weeden (USDS), on a panel moderated by Andrew Underhill, with GovernmentCIO, discussing updating legacy systems.

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