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GovCast Season 6 Episode 11 50m listen

New Acquisition Framework Makes NASA’s Procurement Process Thrive

NASA’s new framework will be key to achieving acquisition excellence, enhancing the procurement process and improving innovative practices.

NASA’s Acquisition Innovation Launchpad (NAIL) is helping the agency make major progress in its procurement process by amplifying innovation and creating agile acquisition practices to get technology in more quickly. Technology at the agency means potential to support major space exploration programs like Artemis and Juno. Karla Smith Jackson, NASA’s senior procurement executive and deputy chief acquisition officer, said NAIL, which was modeled after the Procurement Innovation Lab (PIL) at the Department of Homeland Security, gives the agency an opportunity to look at sole-source procurement as well competitive procurement and procurement strategy. As one of three authorities who can execute procurement policy on behalf of the government, Jackson details the importance of modernized acquisition practices to both manage risk and improve the customer experience.

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