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Strategies for 5G Deployment


Agencies are increasingly using 5G to support mission. At health agencies, telehealth has transformed health care. In the military, the spectrum has valuable uses for communication and deployment. As the next generation of communications evolves, agencies will need to find tools and strategies to use it best. Hear from agency officials about the future of 5G in government.

Register for this virtual panel to learn about:

  • 5G’s role interoperability efforts throughout government communications.
  • The roles that open Radio Access Networks have in 5G proliferation.
  • Cooperation between government and industry to further communications tech.
  • The future of communications like 6G.
  • David Bezzant
    David Bezzant Vice President, T-Mobile for Government
  • Ramírez
    Juan Ramírez Director, 5G Cross Functional Team, DOD
  • Jaisha Wray
    Jaisha Wray Associate Administrator for International Affairs, National Telecommunications and Information Administration
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