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Air Force CIO Joins GovCIO Media & Research for GovCast Podcast Interview

An evening ceremony was hosted for outgoing Air Force CIO, Lauren Knausenberger, on June 1 with Pentagon, Air Force and federal cybersecurity leaders attending the ceremony.

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Washington, D.C.

GovCIO Media & Research, a leading federal technology media company, hosted an evening ceremony for outgoing Air Force CIO, Lauren Knausenberger, on June 1. Pentagon, Air Force and federal cybersecurity leaders attended the ceremony that featured a live recording of a GovCast podcast episode reviewing Knausenberger’s career and her impact on defense technology.

Knausenberger served three years as the Air Force CIO where she was recognized as a champion for user experience and fast tracked the implementation of zero trust, DevSecOps and data management.

“I wanted to make sure that we [the Air Force] became a cloud-first organization and that we could really impower our software community,” said Knausenberger. “We have done an incredible amount of things to improve our user experience with very little money, because we can follow the data and we can spend that next dollar on something smart. We have a lot more to come.”

She managed a portfolio valued at $17 billion, supporting over 20,000 cyber operations and support personnel around the globe and providing oversight of the Air Force’s IT investment strategy. Knausenberger integrated warfighting and mission support capabilities by networking and securing air, space and ground assets along with leading career management initiatives for 10,000 IT and cyber civilian personnel.

“I look around the room and [my] team is my legacy. The plan we put in place is my legacy,” said Knausenberger. “I think we have some people that are going to take this organization in a really cool direction. I’m excited to see it happen.”

GovCIO Media & Research recognized Knausenberger as the Woman Tech Leader of the Year at its April Women Tech Leaders Summit for her contributions to the defense IT community.

“Knausenberger has been instrumental in many innovations seen out of the Air Force over the past few years,” said Michael Hoffman, GovCIO Media & Research President. “Her influence has been felt across the Defense Department and our organization is honored to have been able to host this ceremony in celebration of her accomplishments and legacy.”

When asked what advice Knausenberger would give young female professionals interested in national security and defense tech careers, she emphasized the importance of preparation and confidence.

“If you don’t have that confidence quite yet, go find it,” said Knausenberger. “Know that you belong at the table and you belong in the room. Own it and be confident in yourself.”

Visit GovCIO Media & Research’s page to listen to the full GovCast episode with Lauren Knausenberger now.

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