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New NIST Cybersecurity Framework Harmonizes Guidelines Across Sectors

Director at NIST’s Cybersecurity Center of Excellence discusses how new tech developments are requiring evolving approaches in security.

NIST’s new Cybersecurity Framework published earlier this year gives organizations a new set of harmonized cybersecurity guidelines and best practices. It’s the first major update in 10 years and broadens its scope beyond critical infrastructure entities.

Cherilyn Pascoe, director of NIST’s Cybersecurity Center of Excellence, had a large role in developing the new framework. She said the plan emphasizes the importance of cybersecurity in an evolving technological environment and discusses how others can tailor it to their organizations across missions.

Pascoe also highlights a growing focus in broader cybersecurity priorities around post-quantum cryptography and AI, and explains how NIST’s Center of Excellence is developing additional guidance for the community.

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