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CyberCast Season 5 Episode 18 36m listen

CISA Strengthens US Cyber Posture Through Global Partnerships

JCDC section chief breaks down how the agency works with global partners to improve cyber resiliency while helping its counterparts to do the same.

The Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative, which sits within CISA’s cybersecurity division, works with 150 partners worldwide with the goal of sharing and exchanging critical information to respond to cyber threats faster, protect the country’s critical infrastructure and relay that information to its international counterparts to do the same.

Section Chief Patricia Soler discusses the mechanisms that a fast-growing organization like CISA needs to have in place to process large volumes of information that can be shared with public and private sectors and international partners. She also talks about CISA’s ransomware notifications that alert organizations of a ransomware attack before the damage occurs.

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