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Combatting Ransomware in Modern Systems

Combatting Ransomware in Modern Systems

Every organization will be hacked at some point, but learning how to curb certain threat vectors like ransomware will be imperative to limit losses and damages. All organizations must remain vigilant against threats by instituting good cyber hygiene practices and meeting directives around zero trust architecture.

Inside, catch up on insights from:

  • CISA Director Jen Easterly
  • NSA Cybersecurity Director Robert Joyce
  • CyberArk Security Expert Andrey Pozhogin
  • and more…
Combatting Ransomware in Modern Systems
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  • Jen Easterly
    Jen Easterly Director, CISA
  • Chris Inglis
    Chris Inglis National Cyber Director, , White House
  • Robert Joyce
    Robert Joyce Cyber Director, NSA
  • Gen. Paul Nakasone
    Gen. Paul Nakasone Director, U.S. Army Command & National Security Agency
  • Andrey Pozhogin
    Andrey Pozhogin Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Endpoint Privilege Security, CyberArk
  • CyberArk logo
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