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Federal IT Trends in 2023, Outlook for 2024

Federal IT Trends in 2023, Outlook for 2024

The federal technology industry saw major developments in 2023 that are setting the stage for fast-paced modernization next year. This includes major updates around electronic health record modernization, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, zero trust and data modernization across all agency missions including defense and health care. Take a look back at some of these developments and what they mean for the technology landscape in 2024.

Federal IT Trends in 2023, Outlook for 2024
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  • Tanya Bradsher
    Tanya Bradsher Deputy Secretary, Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Danny Connelly
    Danny Connelly Chief Information Security Officer, Zscaler
  • Jen Easterly
    Jen Easterly Director, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency
  • Dr. Jennifer Layden
    Dr. Jennifer Layden Director, Office of Public Health Data, Surveillance, and Technology (OPHDST), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Randy Resnick
    Randy Resnick Director, Zero Trust Portfolio Management Office, Defense Department
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