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Enhancing Federal Digital CX


Agencies are increasingly using digital tools and processes to improve the ways that people interact with the government. Leaders are bringing forward innovation, digital services and change management in the service of better – and more modern – customer service.

During this GovFocus panel, learn about:

  • How VA and CMS are enhancing their customer experiences.
  • Strategies to maneuver a multi-channel CX environment.
  • Making plain language and user-centric design more than buzzwords.
  • Incorporating personalized and segmented customer experiences.
  • How government agencies are being affected by digital challenges.
GovFocus: Enhancing Federal Digital CX
  • John Boerstler Chief Veterans Experience Officer, VA
  • Mathias Rechtzigel
    Mathias Rechtzigel Digital Service Expert, CMS
  • Angy Peterson
    Angy Peterson Vice President, Granicus Experience Group
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