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Health Tech Equity Working Group

Health Tech Equity Working Group


Harness the collective power in federal government to highlight evolving health equity frameworks and address how IT modernization efforts like interoperability, data management, telehealth and more can close gaps and improve health outcomes.


The Health Tech Equity Working Group is a group of leaders from across the federal government and industry. These Health Tech Equity leaders will work with GovCIO Media & Research to tackle important conversations around how to bridge the digital divide with data interoperability, data standards, artificial intelligence and more.

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Health Tech Equity Working Group
  • Healthcare business graph and Medical examination and businessman analyzing data and growth chart on blured background

    Tips to Combat Bias in Healthcare for the Technologist

    Members of GovCIO Media & Research’s Health Tech Equity Working Group outlined pressing biases in health care and develop solutions for improvement.

    5m read
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  • Indian Health Service to Debut EHR in 2025 Amid New Modernization Plan

    Examining Challenges, Solutions in Federal Health Tech Equity

    GovCIO Media & Research’s Health Tech Equity working group's steps to modernize health IT infrastructure to create an equitable, effective and interoperable health care model.

    7m read
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