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GovCast Season 6 Episode 38 20m listen

Inside CISA’s ‘Secure by Design’ Framework

The agency’s guidance helps software manufacturers create cyber-secure products amid evolving threats.

CISA’s “secure by design” framework is helping software manufacturers bake cybersecurity into products as part of an effort to implement the National Cyber Strategy that the White House released earlier this year. Cybersecurity has traditionally been treated as an afterthought in technology. CISA wants to change that.

CISA Senior Advisor Lauren Zabierek discusses what it means to be secure by design, what the new framework outlines and what it means for vendors and the development community. You’ll hear more about the framework’s three principles:

  • Take ownership of customer security outcomes.
  • Embrace radical transparency and accountability.
  • Lead from the top.

For more secure by design resources:

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