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Live at HIMSS: NIST’s Secure Data-Sharing Platform Provides a Trusted Gateway to Clinical Data

Researchers highlight how the Secure Federated Data Sharing System is enabling interoperability across disparate sources.

Data interoperability in health IT is a persistent challenge. Creating opportunities for better data sharing can bring necessary collaboration to health researchers. But security of the data remains an important requirement to protect patients and other sensitive information. Researchers at NIST Chris Compton, Joanna DeFranco, David Ferraiolo and Joshua Roberts during the HIMSS conference in Chicago highlight how the Secure Federated Data Sharing System is breaking down walls across institutions, clinics and other organizations to enable trusted access to the data powering tomorrow’s innovations. They discuss how the system can be applicable beyond the health ecosystem to other use cases such as law enforcement.


  • Chris Compton, Computer Scientist, NIST
  • Joanna DeFranco, Associate Professor of Software Engineering, Pennsylvania State, and NIST Guest Researcher
  • David Ferraiolo, Manager, Secure Systems and Application Group, NIST
  • Joshua Roberts, Computer Scientist, NIST
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