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Modernizing the Federal Electronic Health Record

Modernizing Federal EHR

The Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs, along with the U.S. Coast Guard and now the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have been on a transformational journey to modernize the joint electronic health record system. The goal of the single, common federal EHR is to enhance patient care and provider effectiveness through digital health records that are interoperable across government. Leaders discuss the progress organizations have made with the health care system and gaps that still need to be filled.

Inside, catch up on insights from:

  • Paul Tibbits, Executive Director, Office of Technical Integration, VA
  • Bill Tinston, Director, FEHRM
  • Dr. Donald Kosiak, Chief Medical Officer, Leidos
  • and more…
Modernizing Federal EHR
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  • Linda Ennis
    Linda Ennis Release Manager, EHRM
  • Dr. Donald Kosiak
    Dr. Donald Kosiak Chief Medical Officer, Leidos
  • Paul Tibbits
    Paul Tibbits Executive Director, Office of Technical Integration, VA
  • Bill Tinston
    Bill Tinston Director, FEHRM
  • Leidos logo
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