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GovCast Season 6 Episode 36 38m listen

The Road To Creating a Better Digital Government

Federal leader Jennifer Pahlka outlines ways government can align technology demands to better serve the public digitally.

Former Federal Deputy CTO Jennifer Pahlka who helped found the U.S. Digital Service and other major technology programs like the Presidential Innovation Fellows has ideas for how government can leverage the opportunities in technology to advance critical services for the public.

Often there is a gap between policy and implementation, especially in digital government, which can slow down modernization. But agencies can reevaluate how they provide benefits and services to the public online and strategize the evolution of digital services.

Pahlka, who also wrote the book “Recoding America: Why Government Is Failing in the Digital Age and How We Can Do Better,” discusses these strategies as well as where culture and innovation fits in the future digital age for government.

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