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CyberCast Season 5 Episode 25 25m listen

Top 2023 Federal Cybersecurity Trends to Follow

Take a look back on some key developments including the National Cyber Strategy and zero trust implementation.

The White House released its National Cybersecurity Strategy in March and is ending the year with the first permanent National Cyber Director in nearly a year. On CyberCast, we covered it all.

Take a listen back to some of the highlighted interviews with federal IT leaders, officials and experts this year as CyberCast traveled to HawaiiCalifornia and Maryland. Our team interviewed leaders from agencies including the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Cybersecurity Infrastructure Security Agency, the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Environmental Protection Agency.

On this year-end episode of CyberCast, Managing Editor Ross Gianfortune, and Staff Writer/Researchers Jayla Whitfield and Jordan McDonald reflect on the most memorable episodes and cybersecurity topics of 2023.

Featured episodes include:

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