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Top Federal Cyber Leaders to be Honored at GovCIO Media & Research’s CyberScape Summit

The finalists for the CyberScape Flywheel Awards have been announced for the March 7 CyberScape Summit in Reston, Va.

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GovCIO Media & Research will honor the winners of the CyberScape Awards at the Summit on March 7.

January 26, 2024 

Fairfax, Va. – GovCIO Media & Research, a leading federal technology media company, announced the finalists for its CyberScape Flywheel Awards – an awards program established to recognize federal leaders in cybersecurity. The winners will be announced March 7 at the CyberScape Summit in Reston, Va.  

“The finalists nominated for the Flywheel Awards embody what it means to be a transformer in federal IT,” said Michael Hoffman, President, GovCIO Media & Research. “The awards at the CyberScape Summit will recognize the innovative and impactful cybersecurity accomplishments and leadership.” 

The CyberScape Flywheel Award Finalists include:  

  • Cyber Defender – Shows commitment to fostering a cyber-aware culture, prioritizing cyber hygiene, and advocating for best cybersecurity practices, funding, and resources. This individual is a leading expert in federal cybersecurity trends, challenges, and solutions. 
    • Conrad Bovell, Branch Chief, Cybersecurity Advisory and Strategy, OIS, HHS 
    • Rick Lichtenfels, Cyber Hygiene Portfolio Lead, Vulnerability Management Assessments, CISA 
    • Amber Pearson, Deputy CISO and Executive Director of Information Security Policy and Strategy, VA 
  • Cyber Leader – This award recognizes outstanding leadership. This person inspires others to see a vision for a safe and secure cyber world in and out of the federal government through developing and upskilling the workforce.      
    • Anil Chaudhry, Associate Administrator, Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), DOT 
    • Vincent Sritapan, Section Chief, Cybersecurity Shared Service Office, CISA 
    • Nicole Willis, Deputy CIO, NARA 
  • CISO of the Year – A visionary leader who empowers their organization to enhance cybersecurity measures. This individual is an architect of cybersecurity excellence, championing the implementation of robust security protocols and strategically aligning security efforts with overarching business objectives.     
    • Christopher Adams, Departmental Offices CISO, Treasury 
    • Donna Bennett, CISO, Department of State 
    • Aaron Bishop, CISO, Department of the Air Force 
  • Cybersecurity Rising Star – A newcomer in cybersecurity leadership, committed to building awareness, initiating innovative cybersecurity programs, or challenging norms to enhance cybersecurity within their organization. 
    • Alaina Clark, Assistant Director for Stakeholder Engagement, CISA 
    • Danielle Rowell, Chief of Cyber Engineering, OPM 
    • Brittney Wright, U.S. Digital Corps Fellow at NIH 
  • Zero Trust Advocate – Demonstrates a commitment to educating about zero trust architecture, working with leadership to move towards zero trust architecture, and taking actionable steps to advance zero trust principles and a zero trust mindset.   
    • Wayne Rodgers, Zero Trust Lead, Department of Education 
    • Elizabeth Schweinsberg, Sr. Technical Advisor, CMS 
    • Jeff Spaeth, Deputy CISO and Executive Director of Information Security Operations, VA 

Visit GovCIO Media & Research’s CyberScape Summit event page to view the full event agenda, speaker lineup and register for this must-attend annual event.   

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