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Strategies Supporting the Future Hybrid Workforce


New federal strategies are defining what it means to work and operate in the future workplace. The Office of Personnel Management’s (OPM) March 7 memo calls on agencies to leverage tools like data analytics, bolster training and more to drive a more inclusive, agile and engaged future workforce. These leaders discuss the tools enabling the future workforce and next steps on the journey to align with emerging directives.

Learn about:

  • The importance of user experience and context switching for IT posture.
  • Current hiring priorities and initiatives their teams are focused on.
  • The impact of hybrid work on missions.
  • Key cybersecurity approaches for hybrid work.

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  • Kurt Steege
    Kurt Steege Chief Technology Officer, ThunderCat Technology
  • Barry Tanner
    Barry Tanner Director, Navy Program Executive Office for Digital and Enterprise Services
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