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VA Embarks on New AI Strategies

VA Deputy CTO for AI Kimberly McManus said that it’s important to make sure that the agency is using technology to solve “the right problems.”

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Kimberly McManus joined Amy Kluber at HIMSS 2024.

The Department of Veterans Affairs is setting in motion new artificial intelligence strategies in response to the White House’s executive order to prioritize ethical AI development.

At HIMSS in Orlando, Florida, VA Deputy CTO for AI Kimberly McManus highlights the four areas the agency is taking a closer look at: governance, prior use cases, infrastructure and workforce.

McManus cites the Veterans Health Administration’s framework for trustworthy AI that she sees guiding much of the work around ensuring the backbone for safe AI development. She says that she sees the technology impacting “the entire enterprise.”

Check out our full coverage of the conference.

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