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Health IT Summit

Join us at the Health IT Summit on September 19, 2024 in Rockville, Maryland, as federal health IT leaders discuss the latest developments in public health through topics such as electronic health records (EHR) modernization, emerging tech investments, data interoperability and sharing, and more. Register Today

5 Predictions for AI in Government Technology

Agencies are setting plans in motion not only to integrate AI into their enterprises, but also ensuring the data that power these systems are fair.

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  • David Egts Field CTO, Public Sector, MuleSoft, Salesforce
  • Amy Kluber Editor-in-Chief, GovCIO Media & Research
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ONC’s Plan to Promote Workforce Diversity in Health Care

The agency is fostering new approaches to help the health care sector transform hiring practices and impact health IT.

HealthCast Season 5 Episode 5 18m listen
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Cyber Resiliency

Building Cyber Resiliency in Federal Systems

Learn more about HHS’ one-stop-shop for cyber resilience, the Pentagon’s cyber assessment program, CORA and the State Department’s program for cybersecurity and digital diplomacy. Download Now
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    The Keys to Implementing Zero Trust are People, Process, Tech

    Partnerships with private sectors and user-centric frameworks are key to defending against cyber adversaries.

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  • Transparency Around Cyber Attacks Can Prevent Future Ones

    Cybersecurity leader Suzanne Spaulding said implementing radical transparency in cybersecurity can benefit federal agencies and national security overall.

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