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HealthCast Season 5 Episode 2 21m listen

ARPA-H CIO: Risks are Key to Health IT Innovation

Nikolaos Ipiotis is creating an environment that embraces agility and controlled failure at the new agency.

Government is typically not one to take risks, but Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health (ARPA-H) CIO Nikolaos Ipiotis said failing and learning are key parts to tech and health innovation.

The agency, the newest one within the National Institutes of Health, aims to transform and innovate in health IT, medicine and other lanes of research that aren’t easily available through traditional approaches.

Ipiotis, who joined the agency in December 2023, said in his first podcast interview that taking risks, “controlled failure” and collaboration are all keys to his IT strategy. He discusses what lies ahead for data strategy as the agency begins to collaborate with industry and set in motion major initiatives for the health community.

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