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Impacts in Federal Technology

Impacts in Federal Technology

Federal agencies face a growing number of evolving priorities around key frameworks like zero trust and improving the customer experience, plus adopting new technologies to meet ever-growing demands in data processing, government services and software development. We spoke to five federal technology leaders who are innovating in key areas that can impact both within and outside their organizations.

Leaders from NASA, the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the Defense Department and Maximus share insights with us on the state of federal technology and where they see things headed, especially for the tech workforce.

Impacts in Federal Technology
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  • Joe Jeter
    Joseph Jeter Senior Vice President of Federal Technology, Maximus
  • Lynette Sherrill
    Lynette Sherrill CISO, Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Eileen Vidrine
    Eileen Vidrine Chief Data and AI Officer, Department of the Air Force
  • headshot of Andrea Fletcher, Chief Digital Strategy Officer, CMS
    Andrea Fletcher Chief Digital Strategy Officer, CMS
  • Karla Smith Jackson, Senior Procurement Executive & Assistant Administrator for Procurement, NASA
    Karla Smith Jackson Deputy Chief Acquisition Officer, NASA
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