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Sea-Air-Space: Coast Guard Focuses on Scalable Cyber Solutions Amid Port Cybersecurity

The executive order on port cybersecurity empowers the service, Rear Adm. Jay Vann says.

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The White House’s executive order on port cybersecurity tasks the Coast Guard with leading cyber defenses for the expansive American Maritime Transportation System (MTS). The size and complexity of this network of waterways and ports can make it a prime target for cyber adversaries since breaching these avenues can disrupt global economic movement and security.

Coast Guard Cyber Commander Rear Adm. Jay Vann at Sea-Air-Space in National Harbor, Maryland, puts these threats into perspective. He discusses the Coast Guard’s scalable response framework as threats evolve and how the order empowers his office as it takes on an expanded role to support this mission in cyberspace.

Check out our full coverage of the conference.

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