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The Pentagon Wants to Know More About Artificial Intelligence

Presidio Deep Dive

As artificial intelligence and machine learning progresses, the Defense Department is learning it has to move as fast as AI.

Find out how:

  • Officials are studying the technology’s utility on and off the battlefield.
  • Ways the department anticipates AI helping the U.S. military gain an edge over adversaries.
  • The Pentagon is establishing parameters around responsible use of AI.


Table of Contents

DOD is Standing Up a Pilot Center to Help Assess AI Trustworthiness

The Pentagon’s Center for Calibrated Trust Measurement and Evaluation will address challenges around assessing its AI systems.


Task Force Lima: How the Pentagon is Exploring Responsible AI

Breaking down the five core goals in DOD’s effort to field generative AI capabilities.


Pentagon Explores Generative AI Utility in Combat

Officials are honing in on use cases and how to integrate the technology ethically.

Presidio Deep Dive
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  • Lt. Gen. Scott Berrier
    Lt. Gen. Scott Berrier Director, Defense Intelligence Agency
  • Frank Kendall
    Frank Kendall Secretary, U.S. Air Force
  • Craig Martell
    Craig Martell Chief Digital and AI Officer, DOD
  • Steven K. Rogers
    Steven K. Rogers Senior Scientist for Automatic Target Recognition and Sensor Fusion, Air Force Research Laboratory
  • Kim Sablon
    Kim Sablon Principal Director for Trusted AI and Autonomy, DOD's Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering
  • Elham Tabassi
    Elham Tabassi Chief of Staff, NIST Information Technology Laboratory
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