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What is AI and Machine Learning?

Catch up on how artificial intelligence technologies work for the benefit of public service.

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Artificial intelligence and machine learning are poised to transform government operations. In this edition of our ABCs of Fed IT series, we unpack the difference between AI and machine learning. Federal leaders highlight how they are thinking about the technology and what it means to have trustworthy and accurate data to power these solutions.

Featured insights include:

  • Tony Plater, Acting CISO, Department of the Navy
  • Amanda Purnell, Director of Data and Analytics Innovation, VA
  • Sohail Chaudhry, CTO, FDA
  • Brian Gattoni, CTO, CISA
  • Scott M. St. Pierre, Director Enterprise Networks and Cybersecurity (OPNAC N2N6D), US Navy
  • Rob Thorne, CISO, ICE
  • Col. David Bradshaw, Deputy Director, AI Task Force, Army Futures Command
  • Kathy McNeill, Chief Strategist, Office of the CIO, DOL
  • Col. Sang Han, Chief of Infrastructure and Platform, JAIC, DOD

This video is sponsored by Zscaler.

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