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DOD Zero Trust Chief: We’re at the Start of a Multi-Phased Journey

As the office reviews implementation plans from across the services, Randy Resnick outlines challenges ahead.

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youtube video image from interview with Randy Resnick

The Defense Department’s Zero Trust Portfolio Management Office is currently reviewing implementation proposals submitted from across the services and combatant commands, a process Director Randy Resnick aims to complete over the next few weeks.

At AFCEA TechNet Indo-Pacific, Resnick highlights the pressing need for zero trust within the mission partner environment to enable and automate communications even in a denied or disconnected environment.

Resnick breaks down the challenges ahead as the services move past the planning stages and into procurement for these solutions by summer or fall 2024. He discusses how he anticipates potentially evolving the zero trust strategy beyond the IT environment and into other environments including operational technology and internet of things.

Check out our full coverage of the conference.

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