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TechNet Indo-Pacific 2023: Defense Technology Spotlight

Tech-Net Indo-Pacific 2023 Graphic

Defense Department leaders convened at AFCEA TechNet Indo-Pacific to discuss the changing landscape of defense operations in the Indo-Pacific region Nov. 7-9 in Honolulu, Hawaii.

GovCIO Media & Research caught up with some of the top federal technology leaders on site to discuss current issues and trends affecting the United States Indo-Pacific Command — including CJADC2, cloud modernization and zero trust.

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Tech-Net Indo-Pacific 2023 Graphic

Featured Interviews

Latest Insights
  • CyberCast: A Look at Zero Trust in Defense Indo-Pacific Region

    A Look at Zero Trust in Defense Indo-Pacific Region

    Cybersecurity leaders discuss how they see the concept impacting the mission partner environment and implementation efforts.

    22m listen
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  • GovCast: Defense Tech Highlights for Indo-Pacific Data, Cloud Goals

    Defense Tech Highlights for Indo-Pacific Data, Cloud Goals

    Leaders from the Pentagon and beyond discuss updates to developments around software factories and ongoing modernization in the Indo-Pacific region.

    19m listen
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  • Indopacific: DOD's Report Details China's Growing Cyber Capabilities

    Defense Leaders Weigh Evolving Cyber Threats in Indo-Pacific Region

    A new report outlined China's growing priority in the cyberspace realm and what it means for U.S. national security.

    7m read
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  • youtube video image from interview with Randy Resnick

    DOD Zero Trust Chief: We're at the Start of a Multi-Phased Journey

    As the office reviews implementation plans from across the services, Randy Resnick outlines challenges ahead.

    11m read
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  • Interview photo with Justin Stolpman

    Air Force Eyes Next-Gen Gateways Amid Zero Trust Plan

    Justin Stolpman discusses what lies ahead for cybersecurity and air superiority.

    6m read
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  • Interview with Andrew Hong

    DIU Brings New Mindset to Defense Technology

    Andrew Hong shares how the organization is thinking about key cybersecurity technologies for priorities in the Indo-Pacific region.

    7m read
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  • Interview with Sharon Woods

    DISA HAC Director Shares Commercial Cloud Capability Progress for Indo-Pacific

    Sharon Woods briefs updates on programs like Vulcan and OCONUS cloud.

    8m read
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  • Interview with Paul Nicholson

    A Look at Zero Trust in Theater at Indopacom

    Paul Nicholson breaks down the cybersecurity tactics enabling synergies across mission partners.

    11m read
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  • Interview with Brig. Gen. Mark Miles

    Indopacom CIO Looks to Data Centricity, Assured Command and Control

    Brig. Gen. Mark Miles sees workforce development to be a key enabler to the region's connected vision.

    10m read
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  • U.S. Airman prepares a small unmanned aircraft system for takeoff during a field training demonstration.

    Pentagon Sees Data as a Product Amid AI Development

    The AI tech chief outlines new adoption strategy that prioritizes quality data.

    7m read
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  • army soldier typing on a computer

    Military’s Senior Enlisted Leaders Push Junior NCOs to Adopt Innovation

    Junior non-commissioned officers need opportunities to join new units built to advance technology adoption, enlisted leaders say.

    7m read
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  • Interview with Rob Vietmeyer

    DOD Software Chief Breaks Down Tech Shifts in Pacific Region

    Rob Vietmeyer sees growing importance in advancing the culture of software development amid growing AI priorities.

    10m read
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  • Hands on a tablet with apps appearing in 3D

    AI Adoption Transforming Government Contracting

    NIH NITAAC Deputy Director credits AI with speeding up program delivery through new technological breakthroughs.

    7m read
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